I was born in Meggen (Switzerland) as a “Secondo”, the child of immigrants. My professional career has led me to many places. But now I am once again living in the beautiful City of Lucerne!


Working with people in moving form is my everyday life today, and everyday life is the creative repertoire which I often draw from. Professional independence allows me to be free and is a prerequisite for my creativity. Movement and rhythm characterize my everyday life in front of – and behind the stage.

My profession is very crucial and momentous in my life.


My training as a stage dancer/choreographer and the years of apprenticeship also allowed me to travel often and gain experience in the most varying realms of theater and dance.

I danced in musicals on larger stages, performed in show interludes without stages, had engagements in museums, on television, on the street, in my own company, in a theater, in a Migros supermarket, in the open countryside...


After acquiring another qualification as a dance teacher, I was allowed to introduce and implement dance and theater in schools. In the advanced training courses I was allowed to instruct teachers, support apprentices in dance camps, and work with young people and sports in Magglingen. Now I manage my own dance and ballet school.


The interest to produce and choreograph myself initially led to the realm of dance & theater, and then entirely into theater. The exhibition entitled “Body Bild” (2007), which was held in Heiligkreuz, was a crucial experience for my creativity. The free way of working in natural surroundings really pleased and convinced me, and supports my understanding of creativity.


The cooperation with director and dramaturge Louis Naef in the following year was decisive for my further engagements in the choreographic realm. I learned many things about outdoor theater with him. Today I have acquired quite a bit of experience as a choreographer, among other things in outdoor theater, in the professional realm and in amateur artistry.





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